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Redesigning Internal Partner Presentations for Online and In-person Delivery

One of our financial services clients had an outdated in-person learning event that served to

introduce new staff to multiple internal groups. Because each group created their own presentation, there was an overall lack of cohesiveness to the program, and few opportunities for interaction.

Benchmark was asked to help recreate the event.

We observed the existing training event and interviewed learners and presenters to find out what resonated best with the audience. We then recommended a new approach that included self-paced tools, calls to action and scheduled group events.

We rebuilt the event schedule to maximize variety and improve flow, and included appropriate breaks and interactive learning events.

In order to provide a consistent session structure, we designed a presentation template that includes triggers for interaction and opportunities for discussion for the various internal groups to work into. Each group fills in specific information about their team, along with success stories, which enable learners to better understand the kinds of services they provide.

The template was designed to be easily adapted for online delivery, which has proven beneficial in the COVID-19 environment.

Our client was thrilled with the new format and the various contributing teams appreciate the simplification of the presentation creation process .

For more information, contact Tazlin Kamani.


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