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Redesigning for Virtual Delivery

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In March 2020, we cancelled our classroom session on Designing Learning Experiences, part of the Master Certificate program offered by the Institute for Performance and Learning. Knowing it could be months, or longer, before we could be back in the physical classroom, we decided to go virtual. The challenge was redesigning a 3-day workshop, carefully crafted to optimize interactivity and group work, for virtual delivery.

Our first step was selecting a platform. We decided on a combination of Zoom and Miro, to allow for group work and optimize opportunities for individual and group input. Miro allowed us to redesign key group activities into a card sort, rotating flip charts and so on. Our next step was breaking the 3-day design into shorter segments for delivery over a series of days. We also figured out how to handle the reference material and multiple handouts used in the program.

Participants loved the virtual course! Having learners from many different provinces and as far away as Egypt made for a rich learning experience. As facilitators, we discovered benefits to the virtual space, such as providing  more individual attention and spaced learning. We plan on offering both physical and virtual versions of the course in the future.

Please contact Louise Grummitt for more information.


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