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Rebuilding Onboarding Programs

Based on Benchmark’s earlier gap analysis, our client wanted to completely overhaul their initial training programs for two key front-line roles: Customer Service Representatives and Ramp Attendants. They also needed a new program to onboard supervisors of both those roles.

Originally, our client delivered all formal training through in-person sessions. In practice, new hires often learned most of what they had to do on the job. Our client asked us to design more flexible programs that delivered content through self-study modules, virtual classroom sessions and robust, formal on-the-job components.

Benchmark started by taking apart the existing training programs to identify the key performance outcomes. Working with our client’s training team, we built three training roadmaps (one for each program) reorienting the training to focus on these performance outcomes and reimagining delivery so it is far more relevant and engaging.

Example of an interactive self-study guide

Using the roadmaps as a blueprint, Benchmark built over 100 interactive self-study guides (in the form of Articulate Rise websites), 35 virtual classroom sessions and almost 100 on-the-job checklists. All these resources zeroed in on practical, relevant, hands-on guidance and tips. Most of the self-study guides include custom-built video demonstrations or software demonstrations with practice. Each on-the-job checklist includes specific performance objectives that the learner is assessed against once the session is over.

These new programs significantly raised the calibre of onboarding training delivered by this client. The executive sponsor said “this program is a huge success for [us]. It will be incredibly valuable [for] our existing team members and the new ones who will join us over time. In addition to improving our previous training material, you've been able to create a significant amount of much-needed material we've never trained before.”

For more information, contact Greg Kozdrowski.


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