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Preparing for disasters

Updated: May 30, 2018

How has your company prepared for disaster recovery? Benchmark recently helped a client create engaging learning to increase employee awareness and help prepare for disasters.

Disaster recovery prepares companies for restoring IT capabilities at a different data centre following a disaster. All employees have a role in disaster recovery, such as verifying systems and applications are functional. Some specialist employees perform disaster recovery exercises.


  • The Disaster Recovery team was new and just getting started.

  • There were two very different audiences with different needs (all employees and specialists).

  • Existing material about the disaster recovery exercise cycle was vague and complex.

  • Disaster recovery exercises span eight weeks and involve three different specialist roles, each with their own set of tasks.


Benchmark worked closely with the Disaster Recovery team to clarify the disaster recovery exercise cycle. Then, based on needs identified by the team, we designed and developed a short explainer video, a job aid, and an elearning course.

1. Explainer Video

  • Informs all employees about the basics of disaster recovery and everyone's responsibilities

  • Distills information into relevant key messages for this audience

2. Job Aid

  • Outlines the weekly tasks in a disaster recovery exercise cycle for the three IT specialist roles

3. Elearning

  • Creates a gamified learning experience to increase motivation and engagement with content

  • Requires the learner (one of three IT specialist roles) to investigate what happened during a fictional disaster recovery exercise and gather lessons learned

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