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Point of View: Set yourself up for wellness success!

By Stacey Boorman

I read somewhere that 2021 is just 2020 but with bangs. If this feels all too true, you may still be trying to figure out how to best take care of yourself. Maybe by now your WFH situation is established, you’re able to manage the endless screen time and you’ve figured out how to handle virtual or home school. But you may still be trying to figure out how to manage your self-care and wellness routine.

With a million ideas out there for self-care ranging from quiet time, going for a walk, doing exercise or meditation, to taking control of your finances, why does it feel like you’re still struggling with success at self-care?

Here’s a real-life example that took me from feeling like I was failing at self-care and wellness to winning at it with one simple but mighty shift – a mindshift.

  • Step 1: Evaluate current plan: I was on an 8-week plan, with six 1-hour workouts per week. I would manage to squeeze in 4 (sometimes 5), often compromising safety and form. This left me feeling like a failure.

  • Step 2: Switch plans. I started a new 4-week plan, with three 30-minute workouts per week. They were timed workouts that were just tough enough.

So even though I was doing fewer workouts a week, the fact was that this new program was achievable. Completing 3 workouts on this plan meant 100% success whereas completing 4-5 workout on the other plan meant failure -- or only 75-80% success at best.

Fitting three 30-minute workouts into my day feels doable without compromising all the other activities that I consider vital to my wellness, like quiet reading time, yoga and getting outside. Nothing had to give in order for me to get. This shift in mindset has been doing wonders for my sense of confidence and well-being.

What could you look at in your current routine to shift from setting you up for failure to setting you up for success?


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