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Performance support in the palm of your hand

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Where is your smartphone?

We’re willing to bet it’s within 30 cm of where you are.

We’re also willing to bet that reading this question made you instinctively reach for it.

Smartphones are everywhere and they’re used by every generation for entertainment, communication, and information.

Despite this, many organizations have yet to leverage smart devices, augmented reality (AR), and chatbots to support learning and performance for their teams. They’re concerned (in part) about the cost, required technical expertise, and time needed to develop smartphone-specific solutions.

Benchmark found a way.

On 12 July 2018, Benchmark’s John Brennan and Karen Trinh presented a full-day workshop at the 2018 Canadian eLearning Conference on Impacting Organizational Performance with Augmented Reality & Chatbots.

John and Karen kicked off the session by asking participants to identify their organization’s performance support needs.

Over the next few hours, participants had the opportunity to:

  • Design and develop their own AR assets with HP Reveal.

  • Map out a conversation related to the completion of a form, and turn that conversation into a functioning chatbot using the Flow XO.

  • Strategize how their organizations could use smartphones, AR, and chatbots to save time, money, and headaches.

By the end of the workshop, participants built something they’d never built before. They also started thinking of ways their teams could use this technology on smartphones  to enhance their organization’s performance.

Here’s what participants said about the session:

  • It was so hands-on…I loved having time to use the software!

  • I really liked being able to create something on my own!

  • The AR and the chatbots were simple and effective…really easy to build!

  • Being able to build chatbots will relieve some of our support needs!

Interested in learning how to build AR and chatbots to support the people in your organization?

Contact John or Karen to chat about workshop opportunities.


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