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Attention all racing fans!!

Benchmark is sponsoring Cole Hooton – a young, inspired Canadian racing driver!

Cole is currently competing in international races across North America as part of the Senior karting class, with a quest of becoming a professional racing driver.

To help him maximize his performance and reach his own benchmark of getting to a World Championship this year, Benchmark rented him a top-of-the-line engine for the MRFKC at the Canadian Mini Indy in Hamilton earlier this month. Cole placed 3rd on day 1 and received the driver of the day award.

Congrats, Cole! We are thrilled to be a part of your journey – and are “routing” for you! We wish you much success with the August Canadian National Championships at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario. We are looking forward to teaming up with Cole this season. Stay tuned to learn how.

To get to know Cole better and follow his next race, check out his site and Instagram.

Did you know?

Karting, a.k.a. kart racing and go-karting

/ˈkɑːrtɪŋ/./kɑːt ˈreɪsɪŋ/./ɡəʊ ˈkɑːrtɪŋ/

…offers young drivers an inexpensive and accessible way to race regularly, giving them an opportunity to practice and transform their skills. It also offers them an opportunity to meet talented racers and learn from them!



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