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In-house Client Support

“I can’t get more head count. But I can bring one of Benchmark’s talented team members onto our team to get some of this work done.”

In 2017 we partnered with a client for a multi-year change initiative to improve technical competence. By 2019, our client had been so consistently impressed by the quality of Benchmark’s work they recognized a different challenge we could address: providing a talented contract resource who could quickly dig in to help get work done.

Our client team was not able to shoulder the pressure their learning team was under. They were however, able to budget for weekly consultation and support.

Our client contracted for one of our tenured project team members to become part of their team for a set number of hours per week.

Here’s how our team member, April Truchan, explains the process:

I was onboarded like any other employee.
Through regular weekly ‘on-site’ visits I was able to learn the client’s internal systems and conventions. Through my experience on previous engagements and my newly acquired internal knowledge, I was able to prioritize work and complete tasks that supported the Manager in achieving department goals.

A few months after the in-house support wrapped up, the department lost a valuable member of the learning team. The client again needed support – and fast. Benchmark partnership to the rescue!

April hit the ground running and began supporting the Training Manager with the following activities:

  • Technical Trianing strategy, support and socialization

  • Building and strategizing a Sharepoint Training Library

  • Modifying exsiting training content

  • Supporing LMS components of the Techincal Training Program

  • Data complilation for monthly departmental reports

  • Workshops for Managers to introduce new training programs and assets

Says April of this experience:

To partner with a client organization in such a deep and meaningful way has been one of my most rewarding engagements. I am passionate about their goals and strive to help achieve them. The people I work with no longer feel like ‘our client’ but rather ‘my colleagues.’

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