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Implementing Performance Management

A young and growing resource company with operations in five countries wanted to create and implement a performance management process for its executives, senior managers and their direct reports. For this entrepreneurial and non-bureaucratic organization, where many executives and managers had limited experience with performance management, the solution had to be straightforward, easy to use and credible as a tool for managing the business.

Benchmark interviewed executives and managers to get their perspective on the benefits of a performance management process and what features were required for it to be successful.

Working with the executives, we developed an overall approach to a three-year implementation, building each year on the previous year’s experience. Components of the process were introduced each year so that users could become confident in using them before introducing additional components. Benchmark designed and facilitated user training.

The immediate impact was clarification of roles and accountabilities in a fluid and emerging organization and the establishment of an endorsed process for setting annual objectives, using tools and templates designed by Benchmark.

Full implementation provided the client with an objective-setting process aligned with business planning, a more rational basis for compensation decisions and a channel for dialogue about professional and career development.

Please contact Doug Anderson for more information.


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