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Experiential Performance Management

An executive at a client organization wanted a chance for her team to explore the company’s performance management model.

Her primary goal was to increase understanding/adoption of all steps in the model.

Her secondary goals were to improve partnership between managers and employees and provide an opportunity to address real business challenges using the model.

She asked the internal learning team to design a workshop and they contacted Benchmark.

We started by “digging deeper” to learn more about the outcomes and obstacles.

After interviewing the executive and learning team, we facilitated a design scrum with leaders, managers and employees. We learned that: a) participants needed a better understanding of the model and tools, b) there were some particular “key challenges” in applying the model and c) there was a need for hands-on practice that would apply to all individuals/roles.

Our solution was a workshop that moved sequentially through the performance management cycle, with participants uncovering (vs. being told) the information they needed.

Numerous practice activities gave participants a chance to apply the model and tools to the key challenges they’d identified and explore issues from the employee and manager standpoint.

All activities could be tailored to different needs/roles, using information participants collected as prework and brought to the session. And there were many scheduled opportunities for individual action planning along the way.

Our client was delighted! And participant response was overwhelmingly positive, with an average 85% top two box scores for learner satisfaction, program relevance, and ability to apply.

We’ve since rolled out a virtual version and there has been discussion on how this program might be adapted for additional audiences.

For more information, contact Louise Grummitt or Alison Mitchell.



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