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Building Work Capability and Confidence

Our client is passionate about gaining results from job-specific, technical training. She and senior leaders observed that after training, employees often lacked confidence to perform new or complex work tasks. Business issues included wasted human capital, disengaged employees, and overworked subject matter experts.

Training was delivered via content-packed slide decks, work shadowing, and subject experts who struggled to pace the flow of information.

Our client was dissatisfied with the training results, and asked Benchmark to engage leaders and unionized employees to change the way learning takes place. The goal was a technical training program that presented a logical learning path for new hires and capable of developing a broader base of employees, confident in their ability to do needed work tasks.

Our client needed to show clear, quick successes toward their long-term goals. Benchmark conducted interviews and observations. To demonstrate value and to create an impactful training program, we:

  • Organized our findings, including strengths and gaps

  • Developed understanding among leaders about the findings and their impact, the recommended vision and solution, and the priorities for organizational readiness

  • Built and validated early prototypes to bring to life the vision and associated learning methods

  • Engaged operational Managers, Supervisors, and experts

  • Developed new types of learning experiences

  • Developed one-page learning roadmaps for 30 roles

  • Revisited plans occasionally in light of operational realities, inviting decisions to stay or adjust course

  • Created the seed of an online library of performance support tools (including an assessment of technology options to house them) — to which vendors and employees are contributing

  • Participated in leader meetings for visibility and decisions

  • Remained flexible and agile to meet shifting operational priorities

By partnering with Benchmark, our client was able to build upon our collective position and strengths. Results included a balance of short-term gains toward long-term objectives:

  • A curriculum framework that allowed operations to put the program to use before all modules were built

  • New standards for technical training

  • A series of modules valuable to all technical personnel

  • A more structured and engaging OJT process

  • Mechanisms for tracking progress and gauging successful application of learning

  • Very positive pilot participant response to the new training

  • Minimal negative impact on operations

  • Sustained the attention of leaders over multiple years

  • Increased collaboration among operating divisions

For more information, contact Esther Bergman.


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