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Building High Performers

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

As a national voice for brokers and an advocate for consumers, our client is committed to building high performing brokers in Canada.  They asked Benchmark to help define competencies for their members.

Benchmark partnered with our client’s team to develop a Competency Profile for Brokers. Through a series of interviews and in consultation with a members’ working group, we identified competencies for both individual contributors and those with management responsibilities, as well as a list of behaviours demonstrated by high performers.

Steps going upwards.

The Broker Competency Profile is aspirational in its focus on high performance (instead of just minimum standards), and in its attempt to address the competencies brokers will require in the future.

The Profile can be used to inform national and provincial curricula, and guide staff development within brokerages, as well as assist in the work of Canadian regulators as they continuously enhance their definitions of performance excellence.

Want to learn more? Contact Danielle McCay for more information.



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