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Assessing the Structure of an Airline’s Training Organization

Our client built its centralized training function over many years by selecting high-performing front-line team members to become course designers and trainers at their network hub. High performers at each airport then delivered the training created by the centralized training department to local team members. Our client wanted to know how best to change the structure of the training organization to improve team member performance while still supporting the airline’s overall goals of efficiency and profitability.

Benchmark interviewed executives to determine their performance expectations of the training organization. With those in place, we reviewed existing training courses and met with each person in the central training team, local station trainers, managers and, most importantly, team members receiving the training. We used this research to assess whether those performance expectations were being met.

Benchmark identified significant deficiencies in the structure of the training organization, the quality of the course materials and the way the courses were delivered. To help our client address these deficiencies we developed five possible alternative ways to organize the training function, summarizing the implications, risks, benefits and costs of each.

Benchmark worked with the senior leadership team to select a new training infrastructure for the airline. Our client also used the recommendations from this project to completely overhaul the onboarding and recurrent training for the two key front-line roles and to create an onboarding program for new supervisors.

For more information, contact Greg Kozdrowski.


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