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No Complaint Compliance Training

Compliance is a hot topic these days. While many organizations are required to implement compliance training, employees often dread it, convinced that it will be…boring.

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Benchmark has a long history of making compliance training engaging and relevant for learners, and we’ve won national awards for our efforts: Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Bronze Award in 2020 and I4PL’s Award of Excellence for Learner Impact in 2017.

If you’ve got a compliance elearning course on your “to do” list, here are 8 tips for making it more engaging:

  1. Wherever possible, avoid using formal/policy language. Use language the reader can relate to.

  2. Avoid using automated narration and don’t narrate content learners can or should read.

  3. Instead of having to read compliance policies and procedures, design learning that requires learners to consult them in order to answer questions or solve problems.

  4. Consider breaking up any required reading with interactions to avoid too many ‘Click Next’ actions.

  5. Use scenarios and storytelling to bring compliance requirements to life; give learners an opportunity to apply compliance thinking.

  6. If using scenarios, include consequences to help learners feel the impact of their decisions.

  7. Don’t make assessment questions easy. Black and white issues don’t require much thinking. Stick to the “grey” areas as these are where people need the most practice.

  8. Consider a test-out option: start the course with a test and if learners are successful, don’t force them to complete the entire course.

Do you need help creating or improving a compliance course? Contact Kathy Lee.


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