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Increasing Client Acquisition

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A client was looking for a hands-on workshop on the first 3 steps of their sales process.

The primary goal was to increase new client acquisition. The plan was to roll out part 1, measure success, and determine if/how to roll out training on the rest of the sales process.

They worked with the internal learning team to create an RFP and asked Benchmark to propose.

We reviewed all available resources and identified key challenges that we’d need to overcome, including: too much content/too many goals for a one-day workshop, various laypeople facilitating, multiple audiences with different skill and experience levels, and measuring outcomes when only part of a process is covered.

Our solution uses job aids to cover key content, with participants bringing their own challenges for practice. That way, we can focus face-to-face time on high-value practice (not disseminating information), there is consistency of messaging across facilitators, and learners can focus on the particular content required to meet their individual needs. We also provided input on what measurements would be appropriate for the content.

Our client was delighted, as were the facilitators!

Requests were made for this optional course to be mandatory and we were engaged to create the training for the rest of the model.

Please contact Louise Grummitt or Alison Mitchell for more information.


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