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E-Capstone Assessment for Technical Trades

Our client wanted to incorporate a capstone assessment at key milestones in the learning road maps of specific technical roles. Their primary goals were to confirm individual competence with workplace scenarios and to identify gaps in need of remediation.

Successful completion of this capstone acts as a prerequisite for joining a crew and for continuing with subsequent learning modules.

Benchmark identified the work tasks and skills to be included in the capstone. To develop realistic work scenarios for each, we job-shadowed a Supervisor and their tradespeople. During our time on the floor we logged aspects of the work that posed challenges and we obtained video and photos of the work.

We created an online capstone covering three phases of a typical work task: Preparation during the pre-shift meeting, Getting Ready to perform the work, and Carrying Out the Work.

We also created a series of peer-led Scenario Cards to be completed by learners pre or post the online assessment.

Benchmark was able to deliver a customized assessment with high relevance and a really big wow factor. Learners were able to visualize the work situations before being asked any questions, making the material relatable and engaging.

For more information, contact Esther Bergman.


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