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Customer Service Gap Analysis for an Airline

Happy airline employees

Our client had set a high standard for itself to deliver an exceptional customer experience with each passenger. The airline wanted to know if they were consistently meeting that standard and, if not, what they needed to do to achieve that ideal level of individual and team performance.

Benchmark worked with our client’s executive team to confirm a common understanding of that customer service standard and then spent almost two months speaking with and observing team members on the front lines and behind the scenes at locations in Canada and the U.S. to assess how closely and consistently they were meeting that standard.

We produced a report with detailed findings and recommendations in 5 key areas along with a customer service and leadership development training roadmap.

Our client used these recommendations to renew its commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. By balancing this commitment with the equally important goals of safety and on-time performance, the airline positioned itself for continued financial success.

For more information, contact Greg Kozdrowski.


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