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Creating a Self-Guided Tour

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Our client has a massive workspace. Each of the working areas has different safety and security concerns and procedures.

For their onboarding, staff were reliant on their manager finding time to escort them on a 90-minute orientation walk. Our client was looking to ease the reliance on managers and take advantage of new hire downtime.

The solution: a self-guided tour that would take new employees into their various work zones and provide a simple safety primer for each.

A factory-like work setting with an image of a QR code superimposed at the bottom right corner

After confirming that staff could access each of the different areas from a safe location, we mapped out a route to each work zone.

We created a brief handout with instructions on how to get to each zone, a space to make notes, and a picture of where they should be standing to start their tour.

Learners begin their tour by scanning a QR code on the handout using their mobile device. This launches a video taken from where they are standing. The video describes the work zone, points out signs, highlights safety and security procedures and policies, and offers useful tips.

The videos are hosted on a private link on YouTube to allow for easy access without the need to log in.

This learning solution was a big hit! Learners love the novel experience of being able to do some video-supported discovery while managers appreciate a tool that allows new hires to do some self-exploration of the facility and work zones, while minimizing the impact on the managers’ time.

For more information, reach out to Darren Barreca.


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